Gigi’s Bubbles

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All-Natural Soap, Scrub Bars, and Essential Oils                         

Discover bath soap varieties and other body cleansing products at Gigi’s Bubbles in New York. These are made from Natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

Experience the refreshing feel and aroma as you slather soothing lather all over your body. See how essential oils effectively replenish skin to give it that soft and silky texture.

About Us

Gigi’s Bubbles is a concept inspired by pure passion and a clear vision to provide women with a worthwhile variety of body cleansing products. Our CEO, Grisell Vargas, always had the idea of introducing such to the industry.

Through years of research, she was able to create an array of the desirable products that embody her deep passion for skin care and everything else in between. Thank you for supporting us and letting us make these moments wonderful. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more images of our products.

Go Natural!

Call Gigi’s Bubbles to learn more about our products. You may get in touch with us to place your orders.